Can you edit my pictures?

I can lighten or darken pictures to make them much more appealing. I can also alter color in photos to make them black and white. I can also take out any red-eye in your photos.

Do I pick the photo order?

Yes! Use post it notes and number the pictures the way you want them presented. If you submit them digital please number them starting with 001.JPG then 002.JPG etc.

How do I choose my photos?

Choose a mix between close up and group shots. Choose photos that show the most important stages in someone's life. Choose more horizontal shots than vertical shots. The reason for this is vertical shots will appear with black borders unless they are dramatically cropped. Stay away from photos that are very small and out of focus.

What are transitions?

They are the way that the slideshow moves from one picture to the next. The song that you choose will help you decide the type of transition. A song that is slower in tempo looks best with a simple fade in. For a more upbeat song you can choose transitions with more movement (see some of my samples) If you don't specify which you prefer, I will choose what looks best.

How do I scan photos to send?

If you are scanning the photos yourself, please keep the following in mind. The higher the resolution, the better your photos will look on the screen, so up to 300 pixels/inch (dpi) is great. Unfortunately, less than 100 pixels/inch (dpi) will result in a very grainy picture. Save the images as a JPG and number them starting at 001.JPG.

How long will the photo appear on the screen?

Each photo will appear for approximately 5 seconds, but can be changed to match the music or the special effect you are looking for.